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Aetna Life Insurance Calculator

Helping Customers Easily Calculate How Much Life Insurance They Need

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Challenge: Increase number of employees participating in life insurance benefit

Aetna sells life insurance to businesses and organizations. But many employees at those companies don’t participate in the life insurance benefit because they don’t know how much life insurance they should have. Plus, other important decisions like which health plan to choose, take up their time and mental energy during open enrollment.

SolutionA streamlined, 5-question calculator with real-time feedback

Many ideas were tossed around to fix this problem, including an animated guide that asked employees questions and guided them through a long list of questions. But after discussing the tradeoffs of various ideas, we settled on a single-page calculator that asks only a few important questions.

Only 5 questions

To help people realize they need more life insurance than they thought, the calculator doesn’t need to give a precise answer. Using only 5 questions, we are able to give users a really good estimate without the process becoming overwhelming. 

Sliders as inputs

The sliders help reinforce that the answer is an estimate because you can’t enter exact numbers. Sliders are also easy to use and the minimums and maximums on each side give users a frame of reference for their answers 

Single-page design with instant feedback

The calculator’s instant feedback lets users see how changing their answer (for example, providing for your family's expenses for 2 years versus 5 years) affects the amount of insurance they’ll need.

Inside the customer’s benefit portal

Instead of living on Aetna’s marketing website, employees can get to this calculator straight from their main benefits page.


Competitive audit

One of the first things we did was take a look at all the other life insurance calculators out there. We found most were very long and detailed.


We wrote copy and created a quick wireframe to pitch our single-page idea to Aetna’s team.

Concepting and building

Once we were all agreed on the idea and the copy, we put together more final designs using Aetna’s new brand standards. These designs were then built out in code.

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