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Redesigning a Health Insurance Website to Maximize Quote Requests and Connect with a Community

Challenge: Convert an outdated website into a customer-pleasing, conversion machine

Sharp Health Plan’s landscape was changing rapidly after new legislation transformed the way consumers shop for insurance. Sharp’s former website didn’t communicate the company’s unique value proposition as a single-community-focused health insurance firm and its outdated design was confusing to navigate.

Ultimately, Sharp’s insurance offerings were difficult to access, which led to lost conversions and increased support costs. Our mission was to streamline the process of purchasing health Insurance from Sharp so that it involved zero frustration, confusion, or drudgery for Sharp’s customers.

SolutionAll-new UX design with user-responsive navigation and refined messaging

A personalized experience

Sharp’s new site is a responsive product that changes its properties based on the user’s role. An incoming user could identify him or herself as a current member, a healthcare provider, or an individual seeking insurance. Based on the visitor’s answer, the site rearranges itself to best serve that user. The result is a streamlined, clutter-free experience for each and every visitor.

Reimagining the quote request

What if getting an insurance quote felt less like a interrogation and more like a friendly conversation? This question served as our inspiration when designing Sharp’s quote request webapp. We slashed the questionnaire down to a few simple questions that adapt to the user’s previous inputs, creating a simple, personalized experience. 

Adopting a community-oriented theme

By adopting an all-San Diego theme, Sharp’s new site plays up its value proposition as a single-community insurance provider. What would have been a sterile web experience is made personal with San Diego-themed language and media.

How we got here

Customer journey mapping

Working hand-in-hand with Sharp’s team, we mapped the journey of a customer seeking health insurance, identifying their unique interests, concerns, and goals.

Sitewire and Sharp teams collaborating on website project

Competitive audit

Our next step was to identify the both the strongest and weakest web experiences within the health insurance industry. This allowed us and our partners at Sharp to understand what does and doesn’t work on a health insurance website.

Creative breakout

We split our group into 3 separate teams for brainstorming. Each team rapidly produced a concept of the website.

Idea synthesis and implementation

Taking the strongest ideas from each group, we wireframed a final design and executed its implementation.

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